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    January 13, 2019

    CBS 60 Minutes

    CBS 60 Minutes “Oracle of AI”

    Despite what you hear about artificial intelligence, machines still can't think like a human, but in the last few years they have become capable of learning. And suddenly, our devices have opened their eyes and ears and cars have taken the wheel. Today, artificial intelligence is not as good as you hope and not as bad as you fear, but humanity is accelerating into a future that few can predict. That's why so many people are desperate to meet Kai-Fu Lee, the oracle of AI.

  • The US and China race for artificial intelligence leadership

    (Is the Future) Made in China?
    New York Times Events


    How AI can save our humanity?

    TED, August, 2018


    Sinovation Ventures CEO Says the Age of AI Is Coming

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    AI Superpowers Fireside Chat with Kai-Fu Lee

    Silicon Dragon

    The Artificial Intelligence Race and the New World Order

    Council on Foreign Relations

    Kai-Fu Lee on AI differences between the US and China


    Why Did You Write AI Superpowers?

    What Jobs are Less Likely to be Overtaken by AI?

    Will AI Destroy Humans?

    An Engineer's Guide to the Artificial Intelligence Galaxy. Columbia University, May 2017

    AI May Make the World a Better Place: Kai-Fu Lee Explains

    Thrive Global

    Will You Lose Your Job to Automation?

    World Economy Forum


    Kai-Fu Lee: AI is not a zero-sum game



    Commonwealth Club

    Kai-Fu Lee joins Sebastian Thrun for Udacity Talks

    Udacity on Medium

    Webinar: Peter Diamandis + Kai-Fu Lee

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    What Social Issues Should We Be Worried About With AI?

    What Can AI Do?

    How Could China Catch Up with the US So Quickly in AI?

    Demo of Casper, Apple Speech Recognition Technology by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee. Good Morning America, 1992

    Thrive Global Kai-Fu explains why Artificial Intelligence will soon eliminate half of all jobs worldwide


    Jobs Will be Replaced by AI, but That’s Okay

    World Economy Forum


    Comparing AI in China and the US


    Can AI Free Humans from ‘Routine’ Work?

    New Economic Thinking

    Kai-Fu Lee: AI Superpowers

    National Committee on US-China Relations

    Kai-Fu Lee | Full Address & Q&A
    Oxford Union

    What Jobs are Threatened by AI?

    How Would You Explain ArtificialIntelligence to a Child?

    What AI Can Do Today?

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